Fotoğrafçılık Terimleri Sözlüğü: İngilizce Terimler 1

A/D convertor aberration aberration aberration abrasion marks absolute temperature absolute zero accelerator acetate base achromatic achromatic lens acit fixing solutions acromatic actinic actinic actinometer actinometer acutance acutance acutance additive synthesis additive synthesis Advanced Photo System – APS Advanced Photografic System aerial perspective AF AF lock agitation agitation alan album American Standards Association ana anamorphic lens angle of view angstrom anti-halation backing aperture aperture aperture aperture priority Aperture Priority aplanat apochromat lens arc lamps asetic acid astigmatisme Audio Video Interleave Auto Exposure Auto Exposure-lock AutoFocus autofocus autofocus Automatic Exposure Metering awatar ball head barn doors barrel distortion baryta base, support base, support bas-relief bayonet mount bayonet mount bellows between the lens shutter bienal bienal biometric photo biometric photo Bitmap blur box camera bracketing bracketing British Standards Institute bromide papers Bulb ayarı- Bulb setting bulb setting byte cable release cable release cable release cadmium sulphite camera camera lucida camera movements camera obscura camera obscura / karanlık kutu capture cartridge cassette CC filters, color correction filter changing bag characteristic curve Charge Coupled Device chemical baths chemical fog chiaroscuro chloride-bromide papers chromatic aberration circle of confusion cloning cloning coating color sensitivity color spectrum color temperature Color Correction Colour Look Up Table Commission Internationale de l’Éclairage - International Commission On Illumination Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage LAB compact camera Compact Disc – Read Only Memory Compact Disc – Recordable Compact Disc – Rewritable compensating development complementary colors Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor compositing compositing compound lens compression decompression condenser conderser contact paper contact print contact printer containous tone contrast contrast / kontrast converter correction filters course grain curvature of field cyan dark room day light day light balance densitometer densitometer density dept of field depth of field preview depth of focus Depth of Field Deutsche Industrie Normen developer developer developer developers development development dia diaphram diapositive, slide diapositivie diapositivie, slide diapozitif Diffuser Diffuser digital digital Digital to Analog Converter digital zoom Digital Signal Processing digitize digitize / dijitalleştirme dish development dodging, burning in Dots Per Inch Eberhard effect Electron Bearn Coating electronic flash elektron Volt