Haritacılık Terimleri Sözlüğü: İngilizce Terimler 1

abac abdeckfarbe aberration abnormal magnetic variation abreviation, reduction abscissa division absis absolute accuracy absolute altitude absolute error absolute gravity absolute gravity station absolute magnitude absolute orientation absolute orientation absolute orientation absolute orientation absolute parallax absolute personal error absolute positioning absolute stereoscopic parallax absolute term absolute value absolute vector abutting land, bordening land, tenant accelaration of gravity accidental error accidental error accidental error accidental error, casual error accommodation accommodation accommodation to distance accumlative error accumulated divergence accuracy accuracy analysis accuracy of angle measurement accuracy of angle measurement, goniometric accuracy accuracy of elevation accuracy of measurement accuracy of position accuracy of reading observation accuracy requirment accuracy testing accurate contour accurate contour acetate achromatic color achromatic lens achromatic lens acoustic navigation actinic actinic light active satellite active system active tracking system actual error, true error acutance acutance acute angle adaptation adaptation to light additional control point additive color mixture additive colors additive colors additive colors, basic colors address matching adjacency, contiguity adjacent parts of an estate adjacent waters shore adjoining sheet adjoining zone adjust, adjustment, set adjustable strech compasses adjusted value adjusted value adjusting error, adjustment error, error of adjustment adjusting mark adjusting mark adjusting pin adjusting pin adjusting screw adjustment adjustment leveling correction adjustment leveling correction adjustment mark, test mark adjustment of observation administrative map Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) advancement of the film aereo-topography aerial camera aerial film aerial film speed aerial imagery aerial mosaic aerial photogrammetry aerial photogrammetry aerial photograph aerial photograph aerial photographic reconnaissance aerial photography aerial photography aerial photography aerial photography aerial platform, airborn platform aerial reconnaissance aerial reconnaissance aerial survey aerial survey aerial triangulation aerial triangulation aerial triangulation aerial triangulation by independant models aerial triangulation, aerotriangulation aerocartograph aerodetic aeroleveling aeronautical chart aeronautical data maintenance aeroprojector aerosimplex aerospace affine deformation affine transformation affine transformation afforestation field, reforestation area afforestation, reforestation age of diurnal tide, age of diurnal inequality, diurnal age age of parallax inequality age of phase inequality age of the moon age of tide agglomeration aggregate, cluster, batch aggregation operation, clustering process aggregation, clustering agonic line agricultural colonisation, agricultural colonisation program agricultural reform, farming reformation aim at an object aiming direction, sighting direction aiming direction, sighting direction aiming error, sighting error air almanac air base air plot air pressure, atmospheric pressure, barometric pressure air spheroid, ellipsoid air station, camera viewpoint, position station, exposure station air vent, hole, air hole airborne control (abc) system airborne profile recorder airborne profile recorder airport, flying field airspace Airy theory of isostasy airy theory of isostasy, roots of mountain theory Aitoff equal-area map projection Albers conical equal-area map projection albumin process, albumen process alcore alfanumeric grid, atlas grid algorithm alidade level alidade level alidade, plane table align, aim, point aligning base alignment alignment alignment correction alignment, alineament, collation