UDH Denizcilik Terimleri Sözlüğü: İngilizce Terimler 1

a bout throughta pass rope aback abreast (wind) abyss act of lowering active escort active participant vessels address commission adjuster admiralty pattern anchor advance freight aft flag staff aft peak after part of the poop deck agency agent alamanata alongside anchor aweigh, anchor ball anchor bell anchor clinch, fisherman's bend anchor crown anchor dragging anchor fluke anchor stock anchorage anchorhandling tug supply vessel (AHTSV) anchor's bill, peak angle sextant angulated sail apeak ready alert arbitration arm of anchor armoured deck ashore stem on astern, stern, after direction athwarthawse, elbow avast avast, hold on, average award away aloft, man ship, man yards awning awning stretcher azimuth sight vane azimuth stern drive (ASD) back oars back the capstan backboard backboard, backrail backstay ballast ballast ballast keel ballast tank bar draught bareboat charter barges barratry barrel baseline be careful beaching beam, baulk bearing bearing pintle bending stress berth charter bilge bilge barge bilge keel bill of loading bill, peak bitt, pawl bitt bitter end block blockade blowing boat manufacture location boat rope boat, ship's boat boatswain bollard, bitt bolster bolt rope, leech rope bomb ketch boom stay, topping boom, derrick, gib boot top bottom of the vessel bow bow locker bow thruster bow, shoulder bower anchor bows painter, bow fast bowsprit bp (bollard pull) brace up the yards as much as possible brail breaker breakwater, pier, wave breaker breast rope breast rope brigantine briming brokerage bucket bulb bulkhead bulkhead bulwark, prumpet buoy buoyage buoyancy butt by the head, bowed cabin boy cabin, stateroom cable cable clench, locker clench cabotage calender month can hooks, barrel hooks cancelling date cant timber abaft canvas canvas line cap stay cap, mastcap, collar capsizing capsizing, overturn car carrier carevel cargo board cargo boat cargo capacity cargo plan cargo vessel cargo's creditor right cast off the anchor cat catamaran caulk center of flotation certificate of competence for operators of pleasure craft (ADB) chaffing chain cable chain link chain locker chain pipe chain stopper charter party charter rate chemical tanker circular fishing net class clear, clean, tidy cleat, jam cleat clincher built, clench built close up coastal trade liner cofferdam coil, coiled rope coison disease collective shipownership collision collision collision mat compass compass bowl compass card compass needle compass rose