Haberleşme Terimleri Sözlüğü: İngilizce Terimler 1

abandoned call abandonment of a parcel abbreviated address abbreviated dialing aborted connection absolute data absorption band abstract data type access access channel access code access network access protocol access traffic active satellite addressing standart administrative data processing administrative fee advice of receipt aérogramme, air mail aerophilately air parcel air surcharge airtime allocation allotment alteration of address alteration of data amateur bands amplifer analog data channel antenna antenna control unit AO (other items) apogee apogee boost motor application data file application of date-stamp arbitration argument of perigee ascending node ASSIGNMENT asymmetric digital subscriber line asynchronous data transfer asynchronous transfer mode attenuation attitude control auditable data authentication automated counter automatic cali distribution autuomatic speech recognition average revenue per user azimuth angle backup facility band bandwidth base station beacon beam beamwidth bit bit error rate block of postage stamp box, tray broadband bulk data transmission bulk entry/advice/ billing of items bundle by airmail by express-special delivery byte C cash-on delivery parcel cable-tv call center call forwarding call waiting caller line identification presentation cancellation of a postage stamp card money order card reader carrier channel charge collected chip circuit switch data circularpolarization clark belt cloud computing code division multiple access (CDMA) cognitive radio colinear co-located combined charge combiner commemorative issue stamp common gateway interface communication communication communication channel communication terminal compression computer conceptual data model conference communication confidentiality constitution of UPU consumer continuous data continuous data protection contribution unit control component control data segment control window coverage map cross-modulation crypto crypto algorithm cut-off time cyclic redundancy check data data accuracy data area data backup data channel data collection data collection satellite data communication data compression data leakage data medium data model data processing center data processor data quality data storage density data storage medium database date-stamp decoder delivery at the address delivery bill delivery to the addressee demodulation deposit deposit money to postal cheque account detained mail digital digital digital broadcast digital certificate digital computer digital signature direct access direct access memory direct bag direct call direct dispatch direct mail advertising; direct marketing directed antenna directory service distributed data distributed data processing document domain name down converter downlink dummy load duty cycle earth station eccentricity echo canceller eclipse electromagnetic compatibility electronic communication