DHMİ Havacılık Terimleri Sözlüğü: İngilizce Terimler 1

AB initio training for ATCOs abeam ability tests abort abrasion absolute accuracy absolute coordinates absorbed water absorption accelerate-stop distance available accelerometer acceptability acceptable risk acceptance tests accepting unit accident accident data report accident prevention and flight safety programme accuracy acknowledgement acrobatic flight active NOTAM active way point actual time of arrivai additive adjacent ATC unit administrator security plan admixture ADS-C agreement adsorption advanced-surface movement guidance and control system advisory advisory airspace advisory circular advisory route aerated concrete aerial refuelling aerial work aerodrome beacon aerodrome certificate aerodrome control rating aerodrome control service aerodrome control tower aerodrome control unit aerodrome controller aerodrome elevation aerodrome elevation aerodrome flight information service aerodrome flight information unit aerodrome identification sign aerodrome identification sign aerodrome referance field length aerodrome reference point aerodrome reference point aerodrome traffic aerodrome traffic circuit aerodrome traffic density aerodrome traffic zone aeronautical administrative communication aeronautical beacon aeronautical chart aeronautical data aeronautical data integrity aeronautical fixed communication service aeronautical fixed telecommunication network (AFTN) aeronautical information aeronautical information circular aeronautical information publication aeronautical information regulation and control aeronautical information service aeronautical message handling system aeronautical mobile satellite (route) service aeronautical mobile service aeronautical mobile station aeronautical telecommunication network aeronautical telecommunication station aeroplane reference field length aggregate AIM service AIP amendment AIP supplement AIRMET information AIS unit air cargo air carrier Air condition unit air content air defence identification zone air entrainer-air entraining air navigation commission air navigation facility air navigation plan air navigation service air navigation service provider air operator certificate air space responsibility volume air starter air taxi /hover taxi air traffic air traffic advisory service air traffic control air traffic control centre air traffic control clearance air traffic control complexity Air Traffic Control Coordination air traffic control instructions air traffic control radar beacon system air traffic control requests air traffic control service air traffic control unit air traffic controller (ATCo) air traffic controller license air traffic flow management air traffic flow management centre air traffic management air traffic management radar tracker and server system air traffic safety electronics personnel air traffic service air traffic service route air traffic services airspace air traffic services communication air traffic services reporting office air traffic services unit air transit route airborne Airborne Collision Avoidance System airborne satellite communication aircraft aircraft accident aircraft accident area aircraft approach category aircraft call-sign aircraft category aircraft classification number aircraft communications addressing and reporting system aircraft confliction aircraft identification aircraft identification aircraft incident aircraft maintenance area aircraft maintenance licence aircraft marshalling aircraft operator aircraft proximity aircraft security check aircraft security search aircraft stand aircraft type aircraft/airplane aircrat data airfiled flight plan air-ground communication air-ground communication air-ground control radio station airline operational communication airline operator airplane accident airport airport capacity airport constructor airport grid map airport lighting airport operator airport security alert phase plan airport security plans airport security programme airport surveillance radar airport terminal airport traffic airport users airport/aerodrome airport/air traffic systems interface Airports Council International airside airspace