Karayolları Terimleri Sözlüğü: İngilizce Terimler 1

abrasion abrasive abutment acceleration lane access controlled highway (motorway) accident black spot acquisition adaptation adblue aerial photograph aggregate aggregate (in historical bridges) aggregate road air bag alienation alignment alligator cracks all-in-aggregate material alluvial soil altitude ammunition analysis period anchorage anionic bitumen emulsion annual average daily heavy vehicle traffic annual average daily traffic antifreeze application approach slab apron aqueduct arch arch arch span archivolt archivolt arrow markings artificial pozzolona asphalt concrete asphalt curing asphalt distributor asphalt emulsion asphalt milling machine asphalt pavement asphalt road asphalt surface course ASSIGNMENT ATA (temporary admission) carnet attachment autodimming automatic traffic counting device automobile, car avaianche arresters avaianche deflectors avaianche retarders average running speed average travelling speed axle axle axle load axle load equivalency factor axle load survey backhoe loader backwall balanced cantilever barter base course base map battery beam bearing bearing capacity of a pile bench bench ditch benching ditches benchmark benefit bent cop berm wall bicycle bicycle road, cycle track bifuel vehicle biiaterai transport bill of loading binder course bitumen bitumen emulsion bituminous base course bituminous binder bleeding bolster bonus permit border line bored pile borrow material borrow pit bossage bowstring girder bridge box culvert box girder, hollow girder box truck brake distance brake light break wall bridge bridge crossing, flyover junction bridge inspection bridge inventory bridge length bridge maintenance bridge railing bridge repair bridge sidewalk bridge site bridge substructure bridge superstructure bridge survey map bridge type bridge type bridge width bubble level, spirit level bus bush hammer buttress cab cabotage cadastre caisson calibration camber camber camper vehicle canal canopy cantiiever beam bridge cantilever slab bridge car cargo cargo classification & transhipment center cargo operator carrier carrier casualty cationic bitumen emulsion cement center of district channelization chassis checklist of defects chemical additive chip spreader chisel chisel circular arch city crossing clamp cleaning of ditch clearance template climbing İane closed-doors travel clutch CMR road waybill coefficient of friction (COF) column combined canal jetting and sewage truck combined transport commission agent common rail composite bridge compressed gas compulsory technical inspection concrete concrete additives concrete arch bridge concrete cast on site