SPK Finans Terimleri Sözlüğü : İngilizce Terimler 1

A A Type Investment Trust  A Type Mutual Fund AA AAA Abolition  Absolute Return Fund Activation Price Active Order Actively Managed Funds Additional Collateral Administrative Fine Affiliate Company, Subsidiary  agent Alpha Alternative Dispute Resolution American-type Option Arbitrage  Article of Corporation or Incorporation Charter  Authorized Capital  B B Type Mutual Fund Bank Bills  Bank Guaranteed Bills  Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Base Price  Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Basis Basis Point Basis Risk BB BBB Bear Market  Bear Spread With Call Options Behavioral Finance Benchmark Best Effort Underwriting  Beta Black & Scholes Opsiyon Pricing Model Block Sale  Blue Sky Law Book Value  Book-entry Settlement Brokerage Fee  Brokerage House  Bull Market  Bull Market  Bull/Bear Spread Buying Price C Call Option Cancellation Fee of Orders at Time of Matching Cancelling the Orders Capital Gain Tax Capital Guranteed Funds Capital Increase Through Bonus Issues  Capital Increase Through Rights Issues  Cash Markets  Cash-call for the unpaid portion of capital  CC Central Registry Institution Central Settlement Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Circuit Breakers Closing Period Closing Price  Closing Session) Commercial Papers  Commodity Trading Advisor Common Stock  Compound Options on Opstions Compounded Interest Concordat, Composition with Creditors  Contribution Holiday Convertible Bonds Corporate Governance Correction of Error Trades Coupon  Creation Cross Trade  Cumulative Voting Customer / Client Orders Customer Account Customer Name Based Custody System  Day Trader De merger Defined Benefit Plans Defined Contribution Plans delta delta Demateralization Denomination  Depositary Receipt  Disclosure  Discount Brokerage Dispute on Stock Exchange Trades Dividend Right Certificates Efficient Market Electronic Communications Network (ECN) electronic signature Employee Retirement Income Security Act-ERISA Eurobond  European-type Option Exchange Colleteral Administration Fee Exchange Member Exchange Rate Exchange Traded Fund Exchangeable Bonds Exotic Options Exotic Options Expectations Theory Expert Report Federal Rezerve Bank (FED) Fidicuary Ownership Fill or Kill Order Fill or Kill Order Fill or Kill Orders  Financial Intermediary (Institution) Financial Intermediation  Financial Leverage Financial Markets  Financial Services Authority (FSA) Fixed Colateral Fixing Session Fiyat Indices Floating Rate Notes (FRN) Fond Commun de Placement Forward Transactions  Founder’s Shares  Free Float Rate  Full-Service Broker-Dealer  Funding System Futures Markets  gamma gamma General Clearing Member General Clearing Member Goverment Debt Securities Goverment Debt Securities Indices Government Debt Securities  Green Shoe Option  Growth Fund Guarantee Fund Hedge Fund  Hedging  In the Money Option Income Fund Independent Administration Authority Independent External Auditing  Index Index Index Arbitrage Index Mutual Fund Index-Financial  Index-Industrial  Index-Services  Indicative Net Asset Value Indices-Price Indices-Return Individual Pension System Individual Retirement Accounts-IRA Inflation-indexed Bond Initial Capital  Initial Listing  Initial Margin  Insider Trading  Institutional Investors  Interest Rate Swaps Intermediation For Public Offering Intermediation For Trading in Securities  ISE Discipline Committee ISE Dispute Resolution Committee