DSİ Hidroloji Terimleri Sözlüğü: İngilizce Terimler 1

abiotic ablation abrasion abrupt wave absolute humidity absorption band absorption loss abstraction accelerated flow acceptance capacity Accretion accumulation accumulative precipitation gauge; cumulative precipitation gage (A) accuracy acid rain acidity of water acidizing active basin area active sensing system actual density of soil actual evaporation actual evapotranspiration adhesive water admissible concentration limit advection Aeration aerobic condition afflux aggradation aggressive water air humidity air moisture air-line correction alarm level Albedo Algal bloom alkaline water alkalinity of water alluvial alluvial channel alluvial fan alluvial plain alluvium altitude anaerobic condition analogue model; analog model (A) anchor ice anemometer angularity correction annual exceedence series Annual flood annual maximum series annual minimum series annual runoff annual series annual storage anoxic antecedent precipitation index antecedent soil moisture antidunes applied hydrology approach channel aquiclude Aquifer aquifer test aquifuge aquitard area of influence area-elevation curve areal precipitation areal reduction factor (of rainfall) arheic arid zone aridity arid-zone hydrology arithmetic mean armouring; armoring (A) artesian aquifer artesian basin artesian head artesian spring artesian well artificial precipitation artificial recharge aspect attached groundwater aufeis auger sampler autocorrelation autocorrelation coefficient automatic station autoregressive process autoregressive series available head available soil moisture available storage capacity avalanche average average velocity average year avulsion axisymmetric flow backwashing backwater curve baffle bank (left, right) bank storage bankfull stage Bar barrage Barrier base flow base level of erosion base-width (of a flood hydrograph) basin basin response beach beam width Beaufort scale bed load bed material bed profile bed-load discharge bed-load trap bed-material load belt of fluctuation bench-mark bench-mark station bend benthon bifurcation bifurcation ratio bio-assay biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) biomass blind drainage Bog boil border spring bored well bottom current boundary conditions boundary of saturation Boussinesq's approximation Bowen ratio brackish water braided river breakthrough curve brightness brine broad-crested weir brook bubble gauge; bubble gage (A) bulk density of soil buoyancy buried streambed bypass channel cableway calibration calibration tank calving canal canyon capacity capillarity capillary action capillary conductivity capillary diffusion (of water) capillary fringe capillary hysteresis capillary interstice capillary potential capillary pressure capillary rise capillary suction