AFAD Afet Terimleri Sözlüğü: İngilizce Terimler 1

1. emergency relief calls 2. appeal 100-year flood plane accelerogram acceptable risk accident accreditation acid rain action plan active fault adaptation adaptation adaptation for climate change administrative detention/return centre AFAD Earthquake Data Center of Turkey AFAD Presidency Disaster And Emergency Management Centre affected population affecting the life of general public aftershock aggregate air pollution air quality standard Aircraft Coordination Center for Health Services aircraft crash alert alert and warning sign alluvium altitude contour anthrax area for preventive actions areas require detailed geotechnical survey aseismic asylum asylum seekers attenuation relationship avalanche avalanche management avalanche warning awareness awareness building bank base station basement beafort scale bedrock BENEFICIARY biological defence biological diversity biological hazard bird flu threat black alarm signal black ice blind point blizzard body bag body wave bomb disposal bomb threat bomb-rigged vehicle buffer analysis building building building appurtenance/built on building area building code building collapse building construction / inspection laboratory building construction permit building construction supervision / inspection building construction, inspection corporate building contractor building damage assessment building frame building inventory building owner building stock burnout syndrome bush fire bush terrace business business continuity business continuity planning business emergency management plan business health and safety unit business safety expert cadastral parcel cadastre calling code camp capacity capacity analysis capacity building capacity development carbon monoxide heater poisoning carbon monoxide poisonning catastroph bond CBRN contamination CBRN risk CBRN risk analysis CBRN threat and hazard CBRN weapons certificate of permission for building occupation certification of building ownership statue chemical hazard chemical warfare agent chemical weapon chemical, biological, radiological and Nuclear /CBRN event children without companion city basemap city council civil community civil defense civil military cooperation civil protection climate climate change climatological disaster closed basin coastal zone management cold wave cold zone collapse collapsed collapsed earthquake collection of information and dissemination system collective settlement command control centre communication coding system community awareness creation community volunteer team for disaster response complex emergency compulsory earthquake insurance COMPULSORY INSURANCE concrete condominium ownership condominium, individually owned residence in a multi-unit building construction duration construction site construction supervisor / engineering of record contagious disease contamination coordination coordination Coordination Commission for Emergency Medical Services coping capability core sample corrosion Cost-Benefit Analysis coverage area crater lake creep crisis crisis management critical facility crush sendrom crust crypto cultural sensitivity cyber platfortm cyber securty cyber threat cyclone damage damage assessment damage assessment following objection damage assessment process damage assessment report damageability/vulnerability danger database debris debris disposal area debris flow/mudflow debris management debris removal debris, building wreckage