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Acceptable Error Adding Value Adequate Control Analytical Evidences Analytical Review Attribute Standards Audit Check List Audit Criteria Audit Evidence Audit Field Audit Management Activities Audit Report Audit Risk Audit Standards Audit Test Audit Universe Auditee Central Harmonisation Unit Certificate Grading Certified Government Auditing Professional Certified Information Systems Auditor Certified Internal Auditor Chief Audit Executive Compensating Controls Compliance Audit Computer Assisted Audit Techniques Conflict of Interest Consultancy and Similar Activities Consulting Activity Control Control Environment Control Framework Control of Recording System Control Processes Control Risk Control Self-Assessment COSO Cube COSO Model COSO Pyramid Cost-Benefit Analysis Custodial Risk Detection Risk Detection Risk Detective Controls Directive Controls Documentary Evidences Draft Audit Report Economy Effect Effectiveness Effectiveness Audit Efficiency Efficiency Enterprise Risk Management Evaluating Control Processes Evaluation of Risk Management Processes Evidence Examination Report Expected Error External Audit External Evaluation Field Work Final Audit Report Financial Audit Findings Form Follow-up Fraud Fraud Governance Haphazard Sampling Head of Administration Independence Information Technology Information Technology Audit Inherent Risk Interim Report Internal Audit Internal Audit Annual General Accountability Report Internal Audit Annual Report Internal Audit Charter Internal Audit Components Internal Audit Coordination Board Internal Audit Plan Internal Audit Program Internal Audit Strategy Paper Internal Evaluation Interview Irregularity Judgemental Sampling Maximum Professional Diligence Multivariate Analysis Non-Written Consulting Activities Objectivity Observation Oral Evidence Performance Audit Performance Standards Pervasive Risk Physical Evidences Planning Risk Population Precautionary Audit Resource preliminary survey Preventive Controls Professional Code of Ethics professional competence Providing Objective Assurance Public Internal Audit Charter Public Internal Audit Guide Public Internal Audit Standards Public Internal Audit Reporting Standards Quality Assurance and Development Program Quality Assurance  and Development Activities Questionnaire Random Sampling Ratio Anaysis Reasonableness Test Recalculation/Reapplication Recommendations Regression Analysis Residual Risk Risk Risk Analysis/Assessment Risk Assessment Methods Risk Based Auditing Risk Classification Risk Control Matrix Risk Factor/Criteria risk management Risk Measurement Risk Prioritisation Risk Register Sample Unit sampling Sampling Risk Sampling Size Sampling Work Segregation of Duties Senaryo Setting the Materiality Level Statistical Sampling Method Stratification Substantive Test of Transactions Supervisor Auditor Systematic Sampling Systems Audit Trend Analysis Verification Work Flow Diagram Work Program Working Paper Written Consulting Activities